Expert Questions, Twitter

On the final part of second Genius Hour project, I was tasked with asking 10 experts questions that were related to my subject. In this case my subject was How playing video games for a living has impacted the friends and family of the person asked and how it has impacted their own private life. This question was asked to multiple smaller Youtubers, i.e @itsJalyt, @Jack_Septic_Eye, and @C9n0thing. I’ve currently only had one response and that came from @itsJalyt Even though it was a bit vague it did create some insight on what he thought. He believes that “It’s a form of escapism.” A way to get away from something you don’t want to do, or it’s a way to “Create happiness and unite people.” He believes that gaming creates a friendly and welcoming environment that gives people a place to form bonds and friendships without leaving the comfort of your room. Currently I have only been followed back by one, and that is @itsJalyt. After asking him the initial questions, I moved on to dming him some more questions to which he responded to very vaguely. The questions were,”Where do you see your self and video games in the next five to ten years?” He responded by saying, “In the next five years I see my self being a more successful player who has expanded his range to a much broader level of games, as currently I am only focusing on one game.”



This process has helped me expand my sources to something other than my usual ones. It has also helped me go out and ask the actual people who concern my subject instead of trusting a website and its usual secondhand information.

KHLfuEAGaming creates a friendly environment for everyone


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