Genius Hour Project Reflection


For my Genius Hour presentation I researched and made a project on how Competitive Gaming has evolved throughout the past 16 years, I was pretty interested in it as Competitive Gaming is a subject/topic that I find to be extremely interesting, especially as it is still growing daily,weekly, and monthly. I learned many new things about Competitive Gamers, one thing that I learned is that if you want to play Video Games professionally in leagues you need to practice hundreds of hours a week. For my project grade, I would’ve rated it as an 80 or an 85, as I found that I did pretty well on it, as I used both my resources and photo’s to prove my point. I do not believe that  my project has/will help others in the near future, or in any future at all, as Video Game’s are not meant to help the world, but are meant as a pass-time. One thing I would put in our upcoming Genius Hour project, is both a video and more pictures to make it much more visually appealing, to me and my fellow students. Three things I would probably make a Genius Hour project on are; How Open-Heart surgery has evolved from the 80’s to 2015, how betting in competitive gaming has become a gambling problem for people of all ages, and finally, how the FFL is the most successful army in the world.

Here is a link to my Genius Hour Project for any that are interested.


The best time I have ever had with my family

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling, and the snow was falling in sheet. You could hear the shouting, or something that sounded similar to it, coming from the cone-topped apartment building. This, was my family. We were in the French Alps, locked in a small apartment for Christmas-Eve, high in the mountains. We were a family of five. All of us were sitting at the small table meant for three, eating away at Turkey, Salmon, Chicken, and all these others small but delicious foods. The shouting was needed in order to make something heard, because with us, nothing was heard. It was near one in the morning when we left the table,  my stomach hurt because it was completely full. I crashed on the couch, which was my then bed, while my two drunken brothers, stumbled into their bedrooms and passed out onto their beds.This had to be the best time I have ever had with my

Smith, Emily. She Knows. 23 Oct.2, 2015. She Knows