My first quad-copter

During the summer, my dad bought me my first quad-copter. He found it on amazon at a discount of a 100 euros. I used it everyday for 30 days. The charging time was 90 mins. for every 30. mins used. The speed was 41KPH aka 12 metres a second as said on the box. It could go 200 metres in any direction and if i wanted it to go up it would go 100 metres up in the air. Sadly it only had an HD camera that could record, it did not have a live feed, so I could only record coolio videos. Most notably I recorded a video of a 360 tour of my house, including being in my house. Sadly, on July 7, 2015 my drone hit a wall quite hard and broke all of its rotor. Rest In Piece drone, you will be missed


4 thoughts on “My first quad-copter

  1. Hello Dylan,
    I feel for your drone. I find this story extremely interesting, and I hope that one day I will be able to drive a drone firsthand too. I also like the details that you gave about your drone!

  2. Hey Dylan, looks like you had fun with your quad-copter for the time it lasted. What did you enjoy doing the most with it? I would like to try something like that one day, but probably just to use the camera and record the view. Anyways, glad you got to have some fun this summer.

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