Ted Bundy A Genius Hour Reflection

For my second Genius Hour project I chose to present the subject of the infamous American serial killer Ted Bundy. Now, bear with me. I chose to do this Genius Hour project for two simple reasons. One, I already knew quite a bit on Ted Bundy, so answering questions would be quite easy and so would making the presentation. The second reason is that my initial Genius Hour #2 Project was boring. Who wants to learn about video games when you can learn about the dangers of friendly serial killers in America!

As I already knew quite a bit about Ted Bundy I did not really learn much, I mean I learned small things like he would create fake persona’s in order to lure his victims into a trap, but apart from that I did not learn all that much. As a person I believe this Genius Hour project has shown me that by presenting the presentation I did twenty minutes before class compared to the one I spent a few weeks of my time on was much easier as I already had extensive knowledge about Ted Bundy. I believe that in my next Genius Hour project what I present will help the class by giving them more knowledge. Knowledge is one of the most powerful things in the world ( Behind nukes of course.) And with this new found knowledge they can keep it to them selves to use it in the future or tell all their friends about it.

Here is the link for my Genius Hour Presentation. Feel free to look through it and spread what you learn from it! Also, remember to stay safe!

The impact of media on smaller African countries

The media today is something that changes the public’s opinion about certain views, through the use of cleverly hidden messages in their advertisements or other such things. For example, both tobacco and alcohol which are known to cause damage to your lungs, liver, and other area’s of your body are happily advertised by companies in an ad that usually shows a dapper athlete showing off their product. While marijuana is portrayed as something that causes great harm to your body when in actually it’s the opposite. Both the Media and Governments are to blame for the false advertisement of products as usually a government can be “bought” for a certain amount of money from a corporation so that they could provide “research” into their products, or advertise it during presidential campaigns.

In the western world, cigarettes and tobacco have finally reached a point where not many people are buying them anymore. This causes a major loss for the cigarette companies and has caused them to move to countries where their products effects aren’t known by the general public. This is now happening in many developing African countries. Big cigarette companies go to less developed countries and post their advertisements everywhere, specifically targeting young people who believe that smoking is “cool.” This starts defining more gender based roles in those countries as in the ads created by the companies, only men are seen smoking. This creates more distinct lines toward gender based roles at home, outside etc and causes sexism along with health issues.

Expert Questions, Twitter

On the final part of second Genius Hour project, I was tasked with asking 10 experts questions that were related to my subject. In this case my subject was How playing video games for a living has impacted the friends and family of the person asked and how it has impacted their own private life. This question was asked to multiple smaller Youtubers, i.e @itsJalyt, @Jack_Septic_Eye, and @C9n0thing. I’ve currently only had one response and that came from @itsJalyt Even though it was a bit vague it did create some insight on what he thought. He believes that “It’s a form of escapism.” A way to get away from something you don’t want to do, or it’s a way to “Create happiness and unite people.” He believes that gaming creates a friendly and welcoming environment that gives people a place to form bonds and friendships without leaving the comfort of your room. Currently I have only been followed back by one, and that is @itsJalyt. After asking him the initial questions, I moved on to dming him some more questions to which he responded to very vaguely. The questions were,”Where do you see your self and video games in the next five to ten years?” He responded by saying, “In the next five years I see my self being a more successful player who has expanded his range to a much broader level of games, as currently I am only focusing on one game.”



This process has helped me expand my sources to something other than my usual ones. It has also helped me go out and ask the actual people who concern my subject instead of trusting a website and its usual secondhand information.

KHLfuEAGaming creates a friendly environment for everyone


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Genius Hour Project Reflection


For my Genius Hour presentation I researched and made a project on how Competitive Gaming has evolved throughout the past 16 years, I was pretty interested in it as Competitive Gaming is a subject/topic that I find to be extremely interesting, especially as it is still growing daily,weekly, and monthly. I learned many new things about Competitive Gamers, one thing that I learned is that if you want to play Video Games professionally in leagues you need to practice hundreds of hours a week. For my project grade, I would’ve rated it as an 80 or an 85, as I found that I did pretty well on it, as I used both my resources and photo’s to prove my point. I do not believe that  my project has/will help others in the near future, or in any future at all, as Video Game’s are not meant to help the world, but are meant as a pass-time. One thing I would put in our upcoming Genius Hour project, is both a video and more pictures to make it much more visually appealing, to me and my fellow students. Three things I would probably make a Genius Hour project on are; How Open-Heart surgery has evolved from the 80’s to 2015, how betting in competitive gaming has become a gambling problem for people of all ages, and finally, how the FFL is the most successful army in the world.

Here is a link to my Genius Hour Project for any that are interested.



The best time I have ever had with my family

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling, and the snow was falling in sheet. You could hear the shouting, or something that sounded similar to it, coming from the cone-topped apartment building. This, was my family. We were in the French Alps, locked in a small apartment for Christmas-Eve, high in the mountains. We were a family of five. All of us were sitting at the small table meant for three, eating away at Turkey, Salmon, Chicken, and all these others small but delicious foods. The shouting was needed in order to make something heard, because with us, nothing was heard. It was near one in the morning when we left the table,  my stomach hurt because it was completely full. I crashed on the couch, which was my then bed, while my two drunken brothers, stumbled into their bedrooms and passed out onto their beds.This had to be the best time I have ever had with my family.family-meal-at-dinner-table

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How to be successful in school

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.“(Theodore Roosevelt) School is a undeniably a thorn in your backside through your first eighteen years of life, but it is a necessary thorn in your backside. The idea of school, is thousands of years old, founded by someone who thought,” Well, what if I spread my intelligence to children, and young adults, so that they can apply it to their future, and have a higher chance of living a successful life. ” The person that had thought that and made the very first school, was creating an idea that would affect billions of children. But, unconsciously this person was creating a monster, one that would decide the future lives of other peoples; A monster that would either destroy or enrich someone else’s life. When going through school, you can either succeed or fail, succeeding would be hard to do, but of course it will come with a great prize. Success in life.

So here are a few tips you can use throughout your school years.


  • Manage your time: Time management is extremely important, if you designate two hours or so a day for school work at home, then you will make your workload disappear much more easily.
  • Find a way of doing your work that fits you. Try and fit in something you like while doing your work. For example, I normally listen to a Twitch live stream when doing my homework or working on a project, as it makes me concentrate more on my work.
  • Studying: Studying is greatly needed in your high school school years if you want to pass test/exams. Inorder to study with precision, there are a few things you need to do. If your subject is math, then you will need to practice questions, memorize, formulas, and find out which way is easiest to remember something. If for example you have an upcoming test in Chemistry. Then you should revise notes, go over questions you have done, and once again, find a way to easily remember it.
  • Use what is around you. Using what is around you can really help; If you have a book or two on a subject you are working on at home, then use them to enrich your knowledge on the topic you’re working on. If you don’t have any books around you that can help you, use a person! Ask your parents, or friends, or just someone random who might be able to help you.



Here are some links to help you, if my blog post didn’t help you.




(I used a google URL shortener to make the links smaller. Do not be frightened by them!)

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My first quad-copter

During the summer, my dad bought me my first quad-copter. He found it on amazon at a discount of a 100 euros. I used it everyday for 30 days. The charging time was 90 mins. for every 30. mins used. The speed was 41KPH aka 12 metres a second as said on the box. It could go 200 metres in any direction and if i wanted it to go up it would go 100 metres up in the air. Sadly it only had an HD camera that could record, it did not have a live feed, so I could only record coolio videos. Most notably I recorded a video of a 360 tour of my house, including being in my house. Sadly, on July 7, 2015 my drone hit a wall quite hard and broke all of its rotor. Rest In Piece drone, you will be missed